We are activley mirroring a bunch of open-source projects onto our own mirror. By using the mirror within our datacenter, we can reduce the latency and bandwidth usage during updates. Please find more information about our mirror on the dedicated website.



The following packets are currently mirrored.

  • Ubuntu Releases
  • F-Droid
  • OPNsense
  • Dell Lifecycle Controller Updates (updateyodell.net)


This sections explains how to use our mirror with your systems.


This screenshot shows the configuration of OPNsense to statically select our mirror.

Configure the mirror in the "Firmware - Settings" config-options.

Dell Lifecycle Controller

In the configuration of the Lifecycle controller, go to "System Updates" or "Firmware Updates". Select HTTP or HTTPs as the location type or file location. Enter the following details into the form.

HTTP(S) Address: mirror.level66.network
User Name: <Empty>
Password: <Empty>
Catalog Location: /dell/g<Hardware Revision>/
Catalog Filename: <Empty>

The Hardware Revision depends on the generation of the server. The following revisions are currently supported. Newer revisions will be added over time.

  • g11 - R*10 (R310, R710, ...)
  • g12 - R*20
  • g13 - R*30
  • g14 - R*40
  • g15 - R*50